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[tweetmeme source= “jsnrss” only_single=false]I’ve not commented much on my political viewpoints and I guess one of the many reasons I came out here in the first place is because of the political isolation Australia enjoys and which I looked forward to.

But, I feel compelled to comment on the recent Aussie budget and more specifically the impending changes to LAFHA.

Many are commenting on whether it’s fair or not (basically thousands of foreign worker, many in the agency sphere) will lose 20% of their salary -but this is the wrong area to focus on IMO.

How a progressive government of a modern country can manage the proposed changes to LAFHA in such a shambolic way (chaos ensues: is a poor sign of its ability to manage legislation and a bit shocking really.

Whilst the changes, fair or not are debatable, the fact that the government is leaving these thousands of people to wait in angst, to find out if the changes will impact them from July 2012 or if they will benefit from the reprieve until July 2014) is simply bewildering. With official announcements offering no clarity at all (yes, including the budget itself which I’ve read!) and even contradicting each other, it’s bad enough. But to then give them just one month (or two at best) to to deal with the impact of their reduced income should the changes indeed apply to them from this July, is comparable with the way policy is mandated in a third world economy.

I don’t feel like I have the right to comment on the merits or otherwise of the policy, but as far as I’m concerned, the policy handling and communication is a complete joke coming at the expense of many talented overseas people who have chosen to make (and contribute to) Australia as their home and may need to pack up as a result.

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