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[tweetmeme source= “jsnrss” only_single=false]It seems that my first posting from down under will not be about my sunny new life, despite there being much to tell. No, unfortunately I find myself starting my new life here almost embarrassed to say I come from England in light of the recent riots, which for now seems to be top of everybodys mind.

It’s fascinating to sit by from this distance and watch everybody from the politicians to the humble (and perplexed) law abiding citizens give their assessments on what has caused the apparent breakdown in society. From political parties to austerity measure, lack of good parenting to simple yobbery. It’s even more fascinating to watch some (Hello Mr Livingstone!!) defend the position of those involved – as if everybody else is missing an obvious point trying to be made by the rioters. So I’ve decided to sit back in my new home down under and let the distance have its sobering effect.

Whilst the dime a dozen home made psychiatrists grace us with their assessments, I find my eyes drawn to those in power and the worrying stance they seem to be being taking regarding social networking. It seems to me, that those in power, Mr Cameron most recently are refraining from singling blame on any individual body, be it the police, policies or whatever. A smart move really, as this would inevitably result in a bed of their own making.

So instead it seems we’re being subjected to meaningless dribble … “we’re clamping down…”, “we’re getting tough on…”. And in an all too obvious (grasping at straws) sense, Social Networking has become an obvious victim too. It’s an easy (almost) faceless target. But given the vast amount of past discussion over human rights, privacy laws and social networking over the past decade it is clear that the government will get little out of putting social networking in the limelight – probably exactly what they want.

What it does clearly give them (and the reason they’ve probably decided to take this cheap shot) is that they themselves do not need to join the ranks of the many home made psychiatrists whilst also (and more importantly) avoiding the necessity to deal with the obvious deeper underlying issues behind the riots, whatever they might be (don’t get me started!!).

I apologise for my first blog posting from down under not being about the fantastic experiences I’m going through here, but it does sadden me when something as valuable as social networking which has added a new dimension to human interaction gets used by government as a cheap and easy way to avoid dealing with far far deeper rooted issues than the humble Like button!