Goodbye for now, but not farewell!

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Agency life

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Time to blitz Ebay!!

Well, it is with many mixed emotions that I say goodbye to so much. Many ask what prompts such a move, after all emigrating to Australia with wife and 3 kids on tow is no mean feat. And whilst it didn’t seem quite so drastic just a few weeks ago, the scale of our next chapter is starting to dawn on me, as plans turn into reality. After all, nothing smacks of reality more than packing up your life (and seeing how much crap you’ve accumulated along the way). Yup, it’s been a roller coaster ride with the past few months in particular mixed with hectic handovers, sad goodbyes, planning, planning and yet more planning.

Reflecting back, I’ve enjoyed and even cherished my time at View. There have been highs. Adding BA, Schroders and Beazley to the client list during my last month there has been a great high to end on … and a testament to the degree in which View has changed during my time there – the credit being far from all mine of course. I’ve had the benefit of working with some truly dedicated, professional and above all passionate people at View and have learnt shed loads from them. The clients deserve a mention too as they’re the ones who constantly challenged (you know who you are!) and pushed the agency to the heights that View is comfortable soaring at today.

And if you’re looking for some heartfelt honesty, there have been lows too of course. Managing the business in this recession has been tough. Looking back, I can still find myself bemused at the countless haggling over rate cards, often with procurement departments who don’t know the difference between an Agency and a supplier of loo paper! Or the difficulties of delivering great creative solutions on shoestring (noose!?) budgets. And even the heated, at times irrational, internal discussions (putting it mildly) regarding the agency’s strategy for managing in these times of ‘austerity’.

But in all, if I look back and see that we got through the past 2 years with some of the great wins we have to our name and without making a single redundancy, I think that those who are in the industry will understand the extent of our unsung success.

Reputationally, View is on the map today more than it’s ever been. And in an environment where revenues are harder to secure, I’ve learnt that the value of your reputation, staff and clients alike, should not be underestimated or taken for granted (and certainly shouldn’t be victim to lack of strategic thinking).

So, as I take this hiatus, I bid you goodbye but not farewell. For any of you who wish to stay in touch, I would be only too happy to hear from you. Needless to say, this blog will continue, albeit with a slightly altered twang. Slightly more Australian. Slightly more consumer marketing focussed. And above all, hopefully from the hands of a slightly more tanned MD!

I’ll resume normal updates when I’ve resurfaced down under – take care for now.

  1. Robert Beattie says:

    Hi Jason. It was a pleasure working with you in our short time together. Very best of luck. Puts into perspective my impending move to Wiltshire…!


  2. Rich says:

    no way Jason!
    Who am I going to talk gaming with on random monday lunchtimes?
    Fair play to you, what’s the Aussie plan?


  3. Jason Ross says:

    Cheers Rob and likewise! Good luck with your move too.
    Rich – drop me a line when COD MW3 comes out, we’ll compare notes … unless you move onto a serious console (Xbox) so I can frag you from down under 😉 I’ll be joining another outfit there … but more about that soon!


  4. kirschilan says:

    Good Luck, Jason! Well, this is not your first move across borders, but the scale is on a different magnitude altogether. Moving with family is a different ballgame.
    Yet, knowing you, it will be for the best – I am waiting to read your new blog-posts from the land of Oz
    Take care,

  5. Polly says:

    Wow! What a big move! Too much has changed while I’ve been on maternity leave! Hope the move goes well. Will u be setting up a ‘View’ down under or are you going to pastures new? Either way, best of luck, not that you’ll need it!

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