The Google+ experience

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Usability

[tweetmeme source= “jsnrss” only_single=false]Whilst the inevitable “Google+ fade away like a Wave or troop on like an Android?” debate gets under way and countless blogs start attempting to predict Google+’s fate, my attention gravitates to a slightly different area of the Google+ experience.

Take a look at the Google+ tutorial here Without getting too technical it’s a pure and simple showcase for how far non Flash based interfaces can be taken (in this case it’s a custom hack of the Google Maps API). Not that we needed a better showcase for what can be achieved without Flash following the fantastic but the Google+ team have pulled off some even greater things (as far as web based UI is concerned) within the Google+ interface itself.

With everything from seamless drag and drop features, animations and other nifty tricks (see video below) it’s not too difficult to see how the Google Chrome OS might evolve by looking at what has been achieved with the Google+ UI.


Wave on the iPhone

Wave on the iPhone

The interface enhancements extend to mobile too (curious that currently Google seems to have invested more in making the iPhone experience better than it’s own Android experience). Using the Google ‘suite’ on mobile is becoming ever more enjoyable. So on that front, it will be interesting to see uptake of Google+ on mobile.

As to whether Google+ will succeed or not!? Well a) that’s not for this blog post and b) who cares… one thing’s for sure, there will be benefits to be had by understanding it; and love it or loath it – we have to understand it if only for the sheer amount of Gmail users that will soon have immediate access to it’s features.


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