I’m not interested in what your shoes have been up to!

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Social networking

[tweetmeme source= “jsnrss” only_single=false]The reality of social networking has impacted us greater than anybody could have anticipated even only a few years ago. Today, life would barely feel right without the constant stream of reassuring status updates from our connections, assuring us that our lives are all as mundane as each others!

But with the popularity of posting activity to ones social network showing no sign of diminishing, have you noticed it’s not just our connections that are feeding us with updates. Just looking through my streams today I have shoes telling me where they’ve run to, books telling me who has read them, places telling me who has checked in and articles telling me who has read them.

Whether it’s a perfect showcase for marketing effectiveness in a socially networked world, or a representation of human desire to (over) share, it leaves me wondering where will things go from here?

Now don’t get me wrong – I am as addicted to social networking (and reliant on it in a professional sense) as the next person. But, the more my network stream presents me with these automatic updates the more I wonder about these things.

It’s all well and good taking time to look through a feed to read and comment on a friends latest ‘look at my life, isn’t my life fun’ photo, but what will we do when we find ourselves spending more time filtering through automatic updates from shoes, books and soon refrigerators and televisions too, rather than what originally made social networking so purposeful (and fun!)?

autobot responding for me

autobots could be representing us in the future

In recognition of this, you can already turn updates from automated services into your facebook stream off (if finding out about your friends running habits doesn’t interest you) but what happens when this doesn’t suffice? Perhaps in the not too distant future, the Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s will allow us to automate responses to automated posting – seems fair enough no. After all, if somebody allowed their shoes to talk to me, why can’t I allow a bot to respond back!!? Is this the future?

Is it completely inconceivable that our involvement in our own social networking streams will, in the future, be as sporadic as the automated updates are today? Perhaps we’ll develop online persona’s, who will respond for us, represent us. Automated responses which are dictated and shaped by the actions we take online (think Google Adsense) and offline (think geo location data capture).

It’s an interesting concept. Either that, or I’ve just received one too many updates from my friends Nike’s today!

“Jason’s Honda has just driven Jason home.”


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