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[tweetmeme source= “jsnrss” only_single=false]If you’ve got nothing clever to say, then don’t say it. It’s as simple as that and it’s a lesson that ‘Generation Y’ have been living.

For us Generation X’ers, the obsession with the latest and greatest is staggering. We’re hooked! Hooked on each incremental enhancement (2.0, 3.0, 3G or 4G), every minor upgrade and don’t even mention the beta’s! Every tweet and every post. Every device and any technology. Give it to us, we’ll lap it up! We’re hooked – fascinated by each and every new way of receiving our hourly hit/bit of irrelevance.

I’m not in a rambling mood, I’ve just come to understand that for those that grew up without all this, we are now inherintly obsessed with the of realms of what is today possible and what ‘great’ life enhancing upgrade looms around the corner.

Generation Y on the other hand have grown up with disposable media culture being part of their fabric. Does this make them different? They’ve had Facebook accounts since they were 14 (even watched the movie!), have been accessing mobile content since owning their first mobile phone and been subject to corporate blogging & microblogging since they fell into the marketing brackets. They’ve grown up obliviously ignorant of Generation X standing beside them oogling and fascinated by what is essentially, to them, a mundane reality of life.

Many are predicting that Generation Y will succumb to a stereotype (lazy and blaming others for their failures). And, as a father to three kids, it  gives me good cause for concern as I hope they don’t end up, case in point, turning to the internet to solve their problems – like how to defy the Generation Y stereotype!

But my experience (and hopes) with Generation Y here at work is more positive –  I see them rebelling against the (shallow) fragmentation of information thrust upon them. Questioning more ‘why should I trust this just because it’s written?’ and indeed at times they seem more industrious and inquisitive than some of us bedazzled Generation X’ers!