Building strategic value

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Digital strategy

[tweetmeme source= “jsnrss” only_single=false]Many agencies say they do digital strategy,  it’s an easy thing to claim after all. But how easy is it really?

Recently we were approached by a successful FTSE 100 outfit who in turn had approached a number of agencies for thoughts on how best to plan their digital strategy. They have a complex business structure granted, but the responses they received were surprisingly underwhelming, to the point that two were immediately written off. These are reputable agencies we are talking about.

An agency is only as good as it’s people. This much, anybody would agree with – it’s something you’ll often hear. Indeed delivering strong strategy must come from experienced knowledgable and opinionated individuals. But an agency is also only as good as its ability to learn and build from it’s experiences.

We’ve been going for 17 years and have been delivering corporate communications ever since. We moved into digital early on in the game. But, if we were only as good as our staff today, then the past 17 years of experience working with established brands on their communications strategies and challenges would be wasted. The good experiences and the bad. The successes and the failures. From the strategies to the micro-sites. These are the things that make us exclusively us and ultimately what ensures that we can be strategic with the things we do.

It all sounds obvious, I know. But what it boils down to, if you subscribe to this, is the importance of learning and building from past experiences; to cultivate a teach and learn environment; to ensure that past experiences are not forgotten, but that they actively (and naturally) becomes part the way you work – with your staff and with your clients. This is building strategic value. Fail to do this, and you are indeed only as good as your people.


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